This project is a collaboration between patients and traditional researchers to explore the processes around discovery, research, and innovation in health and healthcare. The project is unique because it is led by a patient as Principal Investigator. The project is supported with grant funding by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Opening Pathways blog

See what the team has been working on over the course of this grant.

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Partner Toolkit

Are you a partner who has been working with patients, or are interested in more collaborations with patients? Check out our partner site with partner narratives to inspire you, a readiness quiz to assess where you are, and submit your own narrative to inspire others.

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Click here to check out the Opening Pathways 'Patient Pathways' site

Patient Pathways

Visit the Opening Pathways site for inspiration from others like you who are taking new and different pathways as a patient, and submit and share your own story about the pathway(s) you have taken in your work.

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