About The Opening Pathways Project

This project is a collaboration between patients and traditional researchers to explore the processes around discovery, research, and innovation in health and healthcare. The project is unique because it is led by a patient as Principal Investigator. Learn more about the team here. The project is supported with grant funding by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  • We are creating an on-call data science team to support research in the DIY community. Primarily targeted at the diabetes community, this team will provide data science skills and support patients in small-scale research projects with already-collected diabetes data. People will be able to submit ideas and obtain help in furthering investigation of their research question, as well as identifying research questions and methods appropriate for the existing data sets available in the community. (Click here to learn more).

  • This research project also includes convening a gathering of experts from all perspectives and stakeholder roles (including nontraditional perspectives) to explore the barriers to various pathways patients can take with research and innovation. The output will be documented for showing the current body of knowledge around various pathways.

  • This website content is open source (read more about it here), and all tools and output created by this research project will be open source. You can follow our Github repository – and PR content or tools yourself – to see what is happening in terms of content and tools relevant to this work.